Whose big idea was this?

In the fall of 2016 I got a text from my youngest son, Mark Golden. It said, “You and your sisters need to walk the Camino de Santiago. Look it up.”

I looked it up. I texted him back and said, “Are you crazy? My sisters and I are in our 60s and 70s, we’re not Catholic, and I’m not even religious.  And, for that matter, why in the world would we want to walk 500 miles for any reason?”  He said, “You just should.  Watch ‘The Way’.”

So I did more research, told my family about this idea and we all watched ‘The Way’.  Slowly the appeal of the idea grew.  There were lots of wild possibilities floated by the Johnmeyer siblings, (there are actually 7 of us: 5 sisters & 2 brothers) our children & grandchildren – seemed as if everyone wanted to go, but ultimately, available time, money, physical ability and competing interests sorted the pack.  We are now two old women walking:  Donna, aka child 4, and Connie, child 5.

We are only five days out.  Yikes!  So many “what ifs,” starting with, what if we don’t meet a Joost (reference to “The Way”).  I will be so disappointed.

The Way Collage

3 thoughts on “Whose big idea was this?”

  1. Congratulations on getting through the Pyrenees. I am hoping you got a bed in Orrison to break up the trip to Roncesvalles. I will follow you through my guidebook. When you get to Los Arcos, try to get into Casa Abuela (Grandma’s House) Chuck and I had the best meal ever in the nearby plaza of spaghetti carbonara, olives and a liter of sangria!. Don’t miss the church with the gold guild inside. Happy walking and you can do it ! For blisters, get Compeed. Please do not feel you have to reply to my replies. Just have fun ! Georgette

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