There are perks!

Look at us, spending our 9 hour layover at the Hilton at O’Hare airport so we could take a nap!  Donna & I have traveled together numerous times over the years but traveling old does have it’s perks.  (As an aside, A security person at the COMO airport asked Donna if she was 75 yet – if yes, she wouldn’t have had to take off her shoes – ooooweee – someday).
Forty-six years ago we took an exciting trip together up the pre-pavement ALCAN highway – racing toward Alaska Methodist University to begin the spring semester after spending the Christmas holidays with our family in Missouri.  Our big plan was to alternate drivers, driving all-day, all-night, all-day – then to stop a night.  Why?  Because we had no money for the superfluous needs of sleep and comfort.  We did drive through the first night.  However, the frigid January weather in the Yukon bungled our plan on night two; we could not brake, steer, or see, so we had to stop.

But, now we are “rich” old people.  Who knew the Hilton kept napping rooms for $106.00.  Well worth it!  We considered traveling into Chicago to enjoy the sights but napping sounded far more desirable (and this is day one) – and it was.

I generally can’t sleep on flights because my C5 & C6 misbehave badly when they get stuck in one position – any position – for any length of time.  So, when I fly, I stay awake and move my neck around (row-mates love me).  Gotta love being old.

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