Oh my, we’re in Paris!

It doesn’t seem like we’ve been here already two and a half days, but apparently that is the case.  

It’s raining and cold, and we’ve both been missing some of our warmer clothes that we left behind, and we are tired from the flight and all the walking – and we are loving it!

We have a tiny apartment that is four (or eight, depending on how you count) LONG flights of stairs up.  It is cute and clean, and has every thing we need.  

The food here is great, as is the coffee and the wine.  We are happy campers!

We’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, Norte Dame, the Arc de Triumph, Concord Place, Sacre Coeur, and some very cool neighborhoods, and we’ve been shopping!  And there is so much more to see and do.  

Tomorrow we’re off early to go on a castle and wine tasting day tour outside of Paris.  -Well, somebody has to do it.

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