What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

You should see us walking now.  We’re right up there with the big kids!  No more pausing to breathe several times on every hill.  No more limping around after we arrive at our stop for the night.  – And we often have the energy to take a shower and wash out some clothes and even sightsee a bit before collapsing.  We’ve got this!  So different from when we first started.  My hips are no longer sore.  Neither of us have blisters.  I’m in awe of my feet.  Such good little troopers! 

[The above and below is Donna talking.  I agree we are stronger and “we’ve got this,” but, it will be an act of endurance for me.  C5/C6 agitation doesn’t go away because I’m stronger – darn.  But, we are going to finish regardless.]

Yesterday we hit an important milestone:  We hit double digits in the countdown of the number of kilometers to Santiago! Now after having walked all day today, we have about 68 kilometers to go.  We can do that in three days no problem.  (At least that’s the plan.)  

This last stretch has been really nice.  Good weather, easy terrain, beautiful scenery, and when we stop we can always get good coffee, good wine, and good olives.  Good mood!

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