Santiago Dreaming

C. Johnmeyer at Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, 2019
Photo by D. Johnmeyer

Two old women are at it again – almost. Stay tuned!

We are leaving for Portugal in September

And, before we reach Santiago, there will be 3 old women, and an old man!

We plan to walk the Camino Portugues and the Camino Finisterre with Muxia circuit.

The Camino beckons.

2 thoughts on “Santiago Dreaming”

  1. Connie and friends….. How envious I am. This is the route I am wanting to take for my next Camino. Of course, life and Covid has gotten in the way. I am healthy but at 71 I am also cautious. I continue to walk every day


  2. OOPS, I cut myself off… I continue walking and would love to do this route. Chuck and I took the bus from Santiago to Finisterre in 2016 and spent 3 glorious days on the beach in June before returning home. Please keep me on your posts.

    Buen Camino
    Georgette Thornton


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